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25 November 2016 – Milan,Teatro Dal Verme
Workshop with Katia and Marielle Labèque
Coordinator Pilar Bravo
Conductor Carlo Taffuri
Director Federica Santambrogio


In order to celebrate the first fiveyears of Sistema in Lombardy – the collective musical education network with inclusive social goals ledby SONG onlus – an eventful “Week of the Sistema in Lombardy”, took place in Milan and Cremona inNovember 2016, with the participation of Katia and Marielle Labèque. Their KML Foundation generously enabledthe participation of the starpiano duo in two concerts with FuturOrchestra, which gathers the most advanced young musicians of Sistema in Lombardy aged 12 to 22. In this framework, a workshop for youngsters focused on The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns was dedicated to the memory of Dario Fo, Nobel Prize winner and friend of Sistema in Lombardia, in partnership with I Pomeriggi Musicali Foundation within the project “Più Musica” (“More Music”) supported by Fondazione Cariplo.


The educationaland interactive workshopwas realizedas a “discovery guide” to Saint-Saëns’Carnival for the children of the Sistema project inelementary schools. On the stage of the Dal Verme Theatre in Milan, under the direction of Carlo Taffuri, on hundred little musicians: the PYO-Pasquinelli Young Orchestra(age 7-13 years) side by side with the “United Nucleos” in their breakthrough encounter with great artistry: piano duo Katia and Marielle Labèque, who showed yet another side of their exemplary commitment to disclosing the world of music across borders.
Pilar Bravo, in charge of the local Nucleos, coordinated the workshop: «The most advanced instrumentalists of the neighbourhood Nucleos played with PYO, whereas a theatre workshop was proposed to the younger ones, so that they could become aware of the joy of joint performance in a way more suitable to their age. Several schools were involved in preparing the kids by asking them to produce drawings inspired by theCarnivalmusic. These drawings are really beautiful, so we decided to project them on a big screen onstage, and to have an exhibition in the theatre foyer».
The director Federica Santambrogio is specially experienced in working with youngsters: «We got the kids closer to the pieces through listening and “understanding” the musical elements, then we left the children free to express with their body what they heard and felt and saw.Finally, we helped them to understand the difference between imitative and symbolic gestures. At the beginning children tended to “imitate” what was visible in the animal: the trunk, the shape, the paws… But, little by little, using the imagination, they were able to tell something more: the slowness of the movement, the heaviness of the walk, the peculiarity of the look… Maybe the greatest training of the theatre, above all for children, is to become aware of how challenging, but extremely rewarding it may be, to becomea leader of oneself».
The little musicians were enormously excitedby having the chance to approach two stars like Katia and Marielle Labèque, who fascinated them with their engaging mastery, as well as their cheerfulease of contact, patience, and their winning example of always aiming high.

Pilar, Federica, Maria

Photos by Marco Caselli Nirmal

Children's drawings


The Sistema in Lombardy, led by the nonprofit organization SONG onlus, was initiated in 2011 in order to provide new opportunities of collective musical education based on principlessuch as accessibility, integration, musical quality and the importanceof music as immaterial art, on the model of El Sistema created by M° José Antonio Abreu in Venezuela.
Spreadin over60 countriesworldwide and considered “the most important project in the music world in ourtime” (Sir Simon Rattle), “Sistema” was introduced in Italy in 2010 by M° Claudio Abbado. In Lombardyit now involves, with the affiliated and local Nucleos,over1000 children and teenagersfrom 5 to 22 years and their families. The network collaborations and interventions reach deep into the socio-cultural context of Milan and surroundings, with increasingly wider contacts in the Region, in Italy and in Europe. Its main partners areFondazione Pasquinelli, Cariplo andI Pomeriggi Musicali, in addition to the new “Friends” of SONG onlus.


Children love to dance, to sing, to ask questions, to listen to personal stories and to do everything themselves. Why not use this childish activty and curiosity for a concert and so intensify the children's music experience? The audience in Dortmund was integrated to sing a song about Katia's and Marielle's nicknames, to dance a 'Brazieliera', to guess about the music's character - and two little sisters even learned a short pieces in a quick 'masterclass' on stage! A real concert for the whole family.

The concert was presented by Ann Kussmaul





February 2014:

The past month at the OAE has been filled with various animal-related hilarity, involving two of my favourite education events so far; OAE TOTS Animal Time, and the Carnival of the Animals family concert. The programmatic repertoire in both concerts brought musical animal menageries to life, encouraging children to engage with the music, as the horns ‘trumpeted’ like elephants, the clarinet ‘cuckooed’, and the violins ‘HEE-HAWED’. It was also brilliant to behold OAE players donning elephant, frog and donkey inspired accessories to further illustrate their animal impressions.

The TOTS concert achieved the impossible, managing to successfully captivate three-hundred 0-5 year olds through animalistic associations, so that they happily listened to classical repertoire. The audience were told to ‘hop’ like frogs to Mozart’s dotted rhythms, conduct the horns as they acted like elephants, and enjoy the barking of the viola dog.

The family concert, aimed at 7-11 year olds, starred the brilliant and whimsical piano duo, the Labèque sisters, and offered a journey through the animal kingdom, visiting various kangaroos, tortoises and donkeys. One of my favourite aspects of this concert was how interactive it was. James Redwood, a dynamic animateur, demonstrated his best ‘roar’, before inviting his spectators to imitate Saint-Saens’s Lion in Carnival of the Animals. The younger audience responded accordingly, and the adults with encouragement, until the entire concert hall was a leonine mass.

Hannah Cooper
Projects and Education trainee



Two weeks of children’s theatre, live music, dance, talks from top children’s authors, family workshops and free activities. From stroking baby dino puppets to hearing live music from internationally-renowned performers, from meeting authors at our family workshops to drawing on our giant sculptures, there’s something for everyone.

One of the most important things about Imagine is that we try to put children in charge as much as possible: so, a group of children help us with design of the print, with the programming and on some days, children perform all of the key front of house functions such as cloakroom, tickets, announcements. We work hard to extend participation beyond the normal relatively prosperous families who will bring their children to cultural events anyway, and have partnerships with local schools and community groups to make sure that all children benefit.

Imagine is made for children, by children, with children and about children and runs from Mon 11th -– Sun 24th Feb each day between 10.30am -– 4pm. The festival places words and stories at the heart of the programme and invites families and schools to come and spend the day enjoying ticketed theatre performances, author events, classical concerts plus a huge programme of free events.

At the heart of the programme are a group of 31 children aged 7-11 called the Festival Ideas Cloud who have worked with us on the design of the festival programme, curated their own debates and designed and built their own space.

“Kids Takeover”
February Monday 18th – Friday 22nd

Are the hosts getting younger these days or is it a kids’ invasion?! Throughout your time at Southbank Centre for Imagine festival, children will take your tickets, show you to your seats and generally help you with your visit. You’ll hear their voices announcing events as we give over the running of the festival to a fantastic group of young hosts.

Across Southbank Centre site 10:30 - 15:00

The Kids Space
Throughout Imagine Festival

Throughout Imagine Festival, you will discover that Southbank Centre’s kids advisory group, the Festival Ideas Cloud, has designed and built a new space to explore. The Kids’ Space will be the nerve centre of the festival with Imagine FM radio station running from there, authors and artist interviews being conducted inside the space, and phones ringing off the hook as children manage the beating heart of Imagine.

Royal Festival Hall Foyers
10.30 –- 15:00


Katia and Marielle Labèque sponsor the In Crescendo's child orchestral and choral project (I.C.) run by the Miguel Delibes Auditorium (AMD) / Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y Leon (OSCYL, Spain).

The project, aimed at children in serious risk of social exclusion, was born last February and was officially launched on June 21, 2011 during his first performance: watch the video.

The Labèque sisters have visited the school and children involved in I.C. project attended the last rehearsal of a concert the sisters gave with the OSCyL playing W.A. Mozart's concerto for two pianos, activating their sponsoring and commitment to the project. Spring's concert will be proposed. The project is twinned with the Sistema of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela and In Harmony Liverpool.


Le lycée CHATEAUBRIAND de Rome est heureux d'’acueillir les musiciens de la fondation LABEQUE qui, avec Katia et Marielle LABEQUE, se joignent au projet RESONANCES et METAMORPHOSES.

Ce projet en deux phases permet aux élèves de 3 ans à 17 ans de découvrir autrement, la création artistique et l’'histoire des arts vue au travers de son influence dans la création contemporaine.

Plus de trois cents rencontres entre les classes et les artistes ont eu lieu de janvier à avril 2011.

Offrant l’'occasion de la découverte de tous les domaines artistiques, ces rencontres ont permis de vivre l'histoire des arts en mouvement.

Le soir du 10 mai 2011 les 100 artistes participant au projet, présenteront leurs créations dans la Villa Strohl Fern qui dés 1875 abrita de nombreux artistes et accueille aujourd’hui les élèves de l’'ecole.




Musikvermittlung am Gewandhaus Karneval der Tiere Ein kreatives Projekt im Rahmen des Klavierabends mit Katia und Marielle Labèque–Artist in Residenceder Gewandhaus-Saison 2009/2010


Katia & Marielle Labèque eseguono


Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

Concerts pour les enfants

Text by Céline Morrisson

Video Jerome Bosc
Carnaval des Animaux


Katia & Marielle Labèque and The educational programs of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Zukunft@BPhil, created by Sir Simon Rattle.

Treptow Arena in Berlin

This Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra education program with Igor Stravinsky "Les Noces" conducted by Sir Simon Rattle was choreographed and danced by more than 250 children.


Katia and Marielle Labèque are world-famous as piano-duo, not only in the field of classical music literature, but also for their innovative music projects for pupils accompanied by video-artists.

Herein lies the starting point of this project.

Two schools have been chosen to create artistic elements such as drawings, and sketches. These will be based on Saint Saens music and the imagined of the animals by the children. Camille Saint Saen’s Carnival of the Animals has become one of the most popular pieces for children audience.

The art-workshops was led by the artist Florian Förster with the assistance of Corinna Gill. The artistic results of the children was photographed and filmed for documentary purposes by Nina Erfle. Likewise they serve as the basis material for a short video film realized by Jérome Bosc. This film was projected during the performance of the Carnival of Animals on the 7th of december 2006 by Katia and Marielle Labèque and the musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker for the children who participated in the project. Parallel to the creation of the film, texts on the different animals written by Céline Morisson was included in the film and also recited live by the children at the performance.





Young persons Cycle benefit from the Foundation'’s commitment with the participation of Katia and Marielle Labèque. Combining video and especially prepared musical pieces on two pianos, these performances introduce children to classical music.


Also dedicated to youth and children, KML Recordings will launch a series of six books for children.

The desire is to explore a new link between words and music by commissioning young writer Celine Morrison to imagine a story or write old ones afresh, taking as a source music especially composed for children.

The first release will be Children’s Corner. How to discover music composed by Debussy by following Miss Kay & Miss May, two paper dolls, in their fairytale adventures.